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Spb Diary 2.1.0 released

Spb Diary 2.1.0 Build 2878 がリリースされたよ♪
\(^^@)/ なアップデートはなさそうだけど、Bug Fix が結構あるからインストールした方が良いかも♪

2.0.2 からの変更点
・ Hardware keyboard support for searching in contacts and notes implemented
・ Greek and Hebrew languages support for searching added
・ FlexMail 2007 support added
・ Conflicting appointments feature implemented
・ Photo Contacts improvements
   (support of PhotoContacts Pro, GIF files and storing on SD card)
・ Creating new contact from a company group feature implemented
・ Many problems with calendar data not shown correctly fixed
・ Uninstallation problem resolved
   (this and further builds should not fail while uninstalling)
・ Bug with selection lost on task completion or message deletion fixed
・ Bug with selection goes to a wrong place when expanding group fixed
・ Broken mail accounts will not be shown now
・ "Message truncated" message is shown for truncated messages
・ Deleted messages are deleted permanently if set in Pocket Outlook's settings
・ Bug with unable to create contact with just company name fixed
・ Bug category missing when new items created on desktop fixed
・ Warning when deleting read-only notes added
・ Scrolling with hardware buttons in pop-up windows device specific problem resolved
・ When grouping tasks by due date undated group is shown in the end of list now
・ Problem with wrong file extension when making a copy of .DOC file fixed
・ Contacts with only "File As" field shown correctly now
・ Auto-resize feature slightly improved
・ Many other minor bugfixes

さて、しばらく使ってみたけど、1.X → 2.0 ほどじゃないけどちょっと軽くなった気がするよ! (゚д゚)/イェーイ!
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